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Utilizing excellent craftsmanship, we at B.D.D. Construction Company have built our reputation on solid family values since 1994. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, stress free building experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Our Promise to You

About B.D.D. Construction Co. LLC

The B.D.D. Family History

B.D.D. Construction Co. LLC was born in March of 1994 from the passion of owners Bruce and Pam Kwekel. This passion began with the construction of a few small homes in the Cedar Springs area. Bruce and Pam applied a few simple values into their newly formed business and good things began to happen.

These values include:

  • Treating customers with the highest respect
  • Extremely high quality design and construction
  • Excellent trim work
  • Working with only the best employees and sub-contractors, and last but not least
  • Good, old-fashioned hard work

At this point in time, with God’s blessing and guidance, nothing could stop the growth of B.D.D. Soon the opportunity to work in this growing, values-centered business lured two very talented and competent individuals, sons Dan and Dave. Sharing the same values as their parents, they immediately began to take B.D.D. to new heights with their excellent design and trim work skills.

Bruce, Pam, Dan, and Dave are wonderful business associates, but first and foremost, they are FAMILY!

Their values are the major reason that B.D.D. Construction Co. LLC has never had even one slow period in nineteen years and this close-knit family structure is the reason they don’t expect one in the next nineteen years.

Welcome home. Examine the high quality work and become the newest member of the extended B.D.D. Family!

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